Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Adoption and being an "older mom"

Art work of her sister and niece playing,
by Jordan Bayer

When you have adopted and it is obvious your children are a different nationality, you can expect certain things.

  1. To be stared at when you walk into a restaurant.

  2. To be asked the rudest questions at Walmart!

  3. To be asked if your 3 month old daughter will speak Korean or English when she grows up!

  4. Are they "real" sisters

  5. Whose there daddy? My answer is always "No clue they all have different daddies!"

  6. Are they Japanese? sigh.

  7. Are they Chinese? sigh.

  8. Are they Hispanic? huh?

  9. Orientals are so cute! Hello! Oriental is a rug. They are asians or Korean/American..Vietnamese/American!

  10. Where's their mom? Excuse me, you are talking to her!

  11. Rare but has happened. Why didn't you adopt your own kind? I did you kumquat, the human kind!

Of course there are those precious people who truly are interested and they shyly approach you and ask what led you to adoption? God Bless you wonderful people! I will talk to you any time, anywhere any place. Again let me remind all of you "50 is the new I love being a mom, even an older mom. It keeps me young and happy!


connie said...

You are definitely the new 30, my dear! Preach it!

Third Mom said...

Hi, I found your blog on google in my never-ending search to find every adoptive parent of a Korean child out there.

My kids, both of whom are Korean, just turned 19 and 17. I'm having a hard time believing time has gone by so fast.

I've heard every one of these and more. The worst: How much did they cost (from an Asian woman in my community, someone I like very much but who just had no clue).

Blessedly, the questions pretty much stopped when the kids hit school age. It was a good thing, because by then I had lost my patience with the intrusion and (not infrequent) stupidity. The only questions I get now come when the kids aren't with me and someone learns my children were adopted. THAT I can handle much better - plus it offers a great opportunity to educate.

Your children are beautiful!

kenziekylanmom said...

Oh Elaine you get those comments when you are in your 20's and 30's also...anyway, you don't act very are very young at heart and to know you is to love you!!!
We miss you!!!