Sunday, June 2, 2013


Redemption is a beautiful thing. Hanging on to your faith when all else seems lost is a beautiful thing. Watching in awe as our God who is just rewards your faith and redeems...well there are no words to describe it!

I love the fact that we serve a God who is just. This means no matter what others say about you, think about you, how they act towards you or lie about you as long as your faith is strong God will take care of them for you. Oh, trust me it isn't easy to sit and wait on God. We are a "now" society! We want to see others suffer the consequences of their actions. But in the long run you have to keep your eyes on the goal and allow God to take care of you "problem." After all in the end He alone will judge all of us.

Those who know me well know that this past year has sucked for my family and that's a nice word. We've been lied to, lied about, treated like crap, talked about and some have turned their back on us. Those guilty of this are people we loved and thought loved us. But sometimes God allows these things to happen to bring us closer to Him. We had a choice and we chose to grow closer to God and let Him work in our lives.

Now if you are not a believer or if you view God as this tyrant, rigid King who sits on His throne and demands this and that you couldn't be more wrong. He is good and kind. He loves us with agape love and He cares for us. I also believe He has a since of humor. He knows my heart and how I was raised and sometimes my "old street school" comes out. I told someone the other day that I will fight for my family spiritually, emotionally, mentally and yes physically! When that last word came out I thought "oh oh that isn't right. I waited for my conscience to begin working on me but all I had was peace. A beautiful, serene peace. It was like God was saying "only if you had to Elaine." Yes, only if I had to. So just because I am a christian doesn't mean when I turn the other cheek I will allow you to attack my life and family.We can't make choices for others but we do have full responsibility for our choices. As for me and my house we choose to remain strong in our faith, our love for one another and mostly our love for God.
As my husband held my hand in church this morning and our children sat next to us and we prayed I thanked God for all He has given me. He chose this man for me. He blessed us with 6 amazing children and 5 soon to be 6 amazing grandest children and a beautiful daughter in love. Yes Redemption is a beautiful thing.
The last month has been crazy with proms, graduation, birthdays and Mother Day. So to my sisters, friends and anyone else...enjoy!
I love this crew!

Mothers Day

I think they are making a statement. Don't mess with our little sister!

Proud of our girl!

Celebrating Dustin's 24th birthday


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