Wednesday, March 28, 2012

May I Just Say....

I really wish people wouldn't wear their pajama's to the store! It is better than looking at pants hanging halfway down your rear! You know how you see these guys with really baggy pants and they are hanging on to them? I have this secret desire to go up to one of these guys and yell something like " Dude, there is a wasp on your head!" just to see if he would let go :) then I would hand them a belt! Back to the pajamas. When did this become OK? I want to go up to them and say "hey, if your not going to get out of your pajamas at least brush you teeth morning breath!" These are just thoughts I will not act on them.
I will admit a few weeks ago I was not in a very good mood and I got out of my car and went to Quik Trip and these guys were looking at me like "hey babe" of course I couldn't understand them because they were not speaking English but it was obvious what was coming out of their mouth. Like I said I wasn't in a good mood and I looked at all of them and yelled "WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT!" Their mouths must of dropped to the ground! They didn't see that coming. I did feel bad later...much later because I know that is not how I should act. 
When people choose to wear their pants to their knees and show their butts, wear their pajamas, stare at us in a rude manner and make comments, play music that makes my van shake and my kids ask "what is that bad word mean", take the 10 Commandment's or any religious statue or saying  off of a government building or school because it offended ONE person, get mad because we don't like cigarette smoke around us...they are stepping all over those of us who do not indulge in any of the above. 
Me wearing my pants where they are suppose to be, getting dress before I go out in public, not stare and make rude remarks, may not agree but does not take offense to your beliefs and choose not to smoke in no way oversteps a boundary with anyone.
I was watching the Strawberry Shortcake cartoon with my youngest daughter the other day. This may sound silly but I thought how simple their little lives where in Berry Town! They all respected each other, helped one another, they were all kind and good to everyone. Ahhhh...if only.

They just brim with sweetness!
What a happy place!
After watching this sweet, unrealistic cartoon I dived into my bible study by Beth Moore on the book of James. This is when reality hits. There is no Berry Town anywhere here on earth. For believers our Berry Town is called Heaven. James reminds us that as long as we are alive on this earth we will always have trails and tribulations. God never promised us a rose garden. He did promise that "the man who perseveres under trail will be blessed because he stood the test and will receive the Crown of Life! 

Now before someone thinks seriously doesn't she realize there are much bigger things going on in the world?  Of course I do. The above things mentioned are a reminder of yet another step society is taking toward not giving a care about anyone but themselves. Sadly it is and will get much worse. If you want to know how things turn out read the  Bible. It's a choice not a direct order.
So because I am a christian does that mean I should not step up and fight for justice? No way! What it does mean is I should look to God for guidance (sadly I didn't do that when I yelled at those men so if any of you are reading this please accept my apology) and fight the good fight His way and not mine. Will this make everyone take note and change their ways? I wish! Seriously, maybe some, but what it will do is give me peace here while I am on this earth. And when I go to heaven my prayer is when I stand in front of the Creator of ALL mankind that He will say "Job well done my good and faithful servant." That is my hearts desire.

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