Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Love of Ethiopia

There are two questions I have often asked myself. Why me? Why Ethiopia? The answer God always gives me (like He is going to change the answer!) is why not you? I know He has called all Christians to go into the world and spread the gospel and help the "least of these." Before my first visit to Ethiopia I had wondered "why there?" I received my answer my first day I was there. It was love at first sight! I feel in love with the people, the country and the culture. God knew I would.                                    
When I first arrived it was to meet the children at the school our foundation had partnered with. I was to meet the children who had sponsors and the children who needed sponsors. But once I saw the poverty, the lack of basic needs like water and food I knew there was going to be more to this story. I knew the need was great and there was no way me or you could make that big of a difference but the God we serve could! 
He has called all Christians who have much to give much. He doesn't ask us, He commands us. And it doesn't mean we all go to Ethiopia or even overseas. It means we go where ever He calls us to go. Maybe in your neighborhood. The poor, the hungry and the broken are everywhere. We are to give them our money, time, hugs and most important our love. So wherever God calls you go and glorify Him in all you do! 

The children at the school receive a snack of bread and water.
God wants us to make a difference in their lives
God sends us to help the poor
To preach the gospel
They are so hungry for Gods word. 
Ethiopians who are Christians love God with such a passion! The boldly speak of their love for Him, they hunger for His word. They write down as much as they can. A lady in front of me looked around frantic because her pen quit working. They don't have extra. I handed her a pen and you would have thought I had handed her a million dollars! I wish all Christians (including myself) were that passionate. We could learn from these beautiful people.

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