Thursday, October 27, 2011

Romans 8:28

The pictures are to show you what we would have missed if we had not relied on prayer, faith and Gods' word.
In the next few weeks I will share stories that only God can write.

One of my sponsor children. She is so precious.

Jordan's new friend

My amazing team! Beth, Jordan, Gloria and Hannah.

From the day we planned our mission trip to Ethiopia Satan began his attack. First attack. One of our ladies who was the first to sign up and has such a heart for these children was unable to go. Second attack was when we were told a large sum of money we were expecting to help fund this trip was probably not going to be available. Third attack we had worked every Saturday for 2 months to raise money for this trip. The day before we left I found out we were each getting 1/2 of what we thought we would get. Fourth attack. About an hour before we were to board our plane out of Tulsa the flight was canceled. We went to the ticket counter to reschedule and were told there was nothing available. We couldn't get out until the next morning and we wouldn't arrive in Ethiopia until Saturday night. Our first big day was that Saturday. I am sure at this point Satan thought he had won this battle. We asked for hotel vouchers because we didn't want to say goodbye to our families again. That night as I prayed Romans 8:28 came to my heart.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

This would now be our scripture for this journey. I don't take an answer like "no way" "not going to happen" or "not possible" very well when God has called us to serve. When I found out that we might not receive that large sum of money we were expecting I sent out prayer request to everyone I knew. Less than 24 hours later I received a phone call telling me the money was there.

When I received an email that we were getting half of what we had expected from our fundraiser I text a friend just to tell him I didn't see how this was possible. A few minutes later he text me back and said a check was being written at that moment to make up the difference.

The night our first flight was canceled and we were told more than once "no way" I stood in front of the ticket counter praying, my team stood behind me praying as a nice man worked extremely hard to reroute us. Basically he had five women looking at him...nicely and encouraging him that he could do this. Over an hour later he told us we would get out the next morning and be rerouted through Germany. We would lose our first day in Ethiopia but at least we would get there. When we arrive in Germany they have no information on us at all. Standing firm and 2 hours later we were boarding a flight to Ethiopia.

The day before we left Ethiopia I went to confirm our flights home. Yup, you guessed it, Nada. Nothing at all. When they rerouted our flights from Tulsa, they canceled our tickets coming home. It took our friend John in Ethiopia, our travel agent and a team at Ethiopian air, but they got our tickets home.

Faith...It isn't always easy to have, but personally I have it with me at all times!

We knew God had called us on this mission trip and the only thing that would stop us would be our lack of faith. Faith, prayer and a scripture were our weapons against Satan's attack on us.

When you are called to go on a mission trip one thing you need to get in your head is the fact that it's not about you! You will be tested and attacked. You will be uncomfortable at times, tired and your plans can fall flat in a minute. When you are on a mission trip you are there to serve. It's that simple. You may start out to do one thing and God calls you to another. If you give God control you are going to be so blessed and it makes things a whole lot easier. His plans are always so much better than ours!

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