Sunday, July 11, 2010

Birthdays, Family and a Lesson

Today is my oldest sons birthday. He is 33. Michael has never been one to ask for a big party or expensive gifts. He just likes to have his family around a few friends and grill.
When I was growing up I can't remember my birthday or my sisters birthdays ever being acknowledged. So I decided when I had kids I would make sure they had a celebration to remember.
Now here is the deal. I just assumed all kids wanted big parties with their friends over and lots of gifts so I had an agenda! Taking the whole family to eat at any restaurant the birthday person wanted to go to. Seriously? And if I asked them what they wanted for their birthday and it didn't seem like much by golly I was going to add to the list. After all you need lots of presents to open...right? At times it was so stressful that by the time the party rolled around I was stressed, tired and couldn't wait until it was over. And if they asked for something simple like just dinner with the family I thought they were just being nice.
Well, like I said today is Michael's birthday. He is very low key and mellow. He wanted to grill and have his family around. Last year he grilled for his birthday and asked us over! I found this very simple request to be refreshing and I enjoy myself so much more. Of course there is a lesson to be learned here.
There isn't anything more valuable than love. There is nothing more wonderful than sitting around with these amazing people that you are blessed to call your family. And there is nothing more precious than when you realize how richly God has blessed your life. It is priceless.
Birthdays are a celebration of the day God blessed you with life. There is not enough cake, ice cream or gifts that can top that!

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