Tuesday, April 20, 2010


See this beauty? 10 years ago today my husband brought her home from S.Korea. She has been the one of the most amazing, joyful surprises in my life. You want to know why? When we saw her video we were told that she was developmentally and physically handicapped. Now anyone who knows me would know that taking care of a child with serve special needs is not my gift. But when I saw her video I didn't see anything but my daughter. My husband will tell you the same thing. We accepted her referral and never thought twice about the special needs. We just knew God had planned all along that she would be our daughter. After about 4 months of physical therapy she began to walk without help, she was about 20 months old.
Today Cameron is a beautiful, sweet 11 year old who loves God,has a servants heart, loves music, can sing like an angel, is learning to play guitar, is an a,b student, and has one of the most beautiful smiles you will ever see.
Thank you God for our Cameron! She has blessed our lives in ways we could have never expected! Love you cupcake!


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Happy Gotcha Day Cameron!! You are indeed a beauty.