Monday, April 19, 2010

The Purse

Ever since I was a little girl I have loved purses. I think because of the environment I grew up in my purse was the one thing that was mine. I made it very clear at a young age that you don't mess with my purse. If it could fit in my purse I put it in there. I still carry a little bit of that compulsion with me today. Seriously, if you need it chances are it is in my purse!
Today I had decided I was going to treat myself to a new purse. I had not bought one in a long time. There are two rules I use when I buy a purse. 1. It has to be love at first site. 2. I will not pay more than I would normally carry in my wallet. That means usually not over $40 and knock offs are fair game!
So today I had been looking around without much luck. I decided the next stop was going to be my last. The store was having a great sale with some pretty nice selections. I was looking at a purse when this elderly lady came by. We started talking about purses and I told her I was trying to downsize. We laughed about how downsizing was hard to do and the purse rules for different seasons. I told her I never went for that rule if I like it I buy it black in spring, pink in winter, all that mattered was if I like it. She decided that was going to be her new rule because she needed to shake things up a little!
A little later she came back with this cute yellow purse. She asked me what I thought. Now I am not a huge fan of yellow but I really liked it. She told me that her granddaughter was a big executive with the Marriott Hotels. And when she visited her last week she was carrying a big yellow purse. She had told her grandmother that it went with everything...jeans, dresses, gym clothes. I told her I thought the purse looked great and she should buy it. She had found another one she liked and decided to buy both of them because they were hot! Then she told me there was one more yellow one left but it was a different style. Me? Yellow? I went over and looked at it and it was love at first site! And it was on sale! I told her I was going to buy it and she was thrilled! Half the people around the purse area and some cashiers were smiling and laughing with us. I have never had such a good time picking out a purse!
As my new friend and I were checking out I found out she was 86! I thought she was in her late 60's. She is proof age is just a number. I took my new purse home and transferred my possessions from my other purse. I love my new purse. Not just because I went outside of my box and bought yellow, I love it because it will always remind me of a very sweet & cool 86 year old lady who not only gave me some great fashion advice she blessed me and put a smile in my heart that is sure to stay there for a long time


Anita said...

LOVE the new purse Elaine!! And most of all love the story that goes with it!

Rhonda said...

That story was really fun to read. Thanks for sharing!