Saturday, February 9, 2008

When God knocks you in your head!

"I truly beleive God is getting ready to pour buckets of blessings on Hug Away." I wrote this in my journal a few days ago. It was an overwhelming sense of peace. I was not wrong! Our website will be up and running very soon and we have some great ideas for fundraisers and we are getting ready to send a grant to a great family! So you ask" when did God knock you in the head?" Well.....
There is this house next door to us that some guys were working on to sell. Ends up they are also friends of a family who adopted through Vietnam (she reads my blog, Hi N!). My husband had spoke to them once in a while but all I ever did was wave. They finished the house and my husband said "babe you need to come look at what they have done!" I did and I was so impressed. You could tell a lot of love went into it. My husband and I look at each other think? Our house needs lots of repair and this house has everything we want and need. The next day I talked to one of the guys and we just clicked. I told him my husband and I were interested in the house. He said he would talk to the broker.....He tells me he has been off work for 4 months but has to fly to I think it was Atlanta the next day. I am thinking what does this guy do? He says he has a band and they are getting ready to release there Cd the end of February. Ok. I am thinking just a band from Broken Arrow. He hands be a copy of thier newest Cd, it says on it due for release February 26th. hmm.... It is freezing and I go in and make him and his partner some hot chocolate. A couple of days laters I am walking my dog and I feel compeled to walk over this house and pray over it. A few days later I see this guy Rob working on some touch ups. I told him we were definatly interested in the house and that I had prayed over it. He tells me that him and his partner had been praying over this house since they began working on it. wow. We talk some more and he tells me that he had been hanging out with Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith while he was gone....that thier band had been nominated for a Dove award. What? Who is this guy? A few days later he calls me on my cell and told me he really wants me and Mike to have the house. YEAH! So we are working on that part. In the mean time I am trying to think of some big name Christian bands who might do a fundrasing concert for Hug Away in September. I think of Rob and the CD he gave me and I look at it and it says "Pillar" I do some research. This isn't some little backyard band. They are a very well known Christian Rock band! Every teenager and young adult who listens to Christian music knows and loves this band. The more I read the more impressed I am. I listen to the Cd and true some of it is a little edgy for me but I like it! My favorites are track 1&5. Here is where the thump comes in, God speaking to Elaine " your answer has been right in front of you the whole time." Duh. Now to speak to Rob is to know him. He is kind, very humble and just has a great heart. He loves his wife, his son and most of all God. Before I knew about Pillar I was already impressed with Rob.
So I email him about doing a concert for Hug Away and he emailed me back and said "Elaine, let me look at our schedule and I will get back with you next week, I am heading to LA to the Grammys." Sure Rob. He is so matter of fact. No bragging, just the facts. The crazy thing is I had tried to contact Mercy Me and Third Day (adoption connections) and if you pull up Pillars tour schedule that is some of the bands they are touring with! Even if Pillar can not do a concert for us I am blessed to know Rob. He is a great guy.
Oh and Shoahannahs Hope asked if they could do a story on Hug Away. Yes I think the blessings are indeed beginning to flow!

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Our family said...

NO WAY!! We love Pillar here! I'm so excited for you Elaine and I'm super duper inspired. God told you what He wanted you to do and despite big odds, you jumped in and did it. What a neat story!