Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthday Week at the Bayers

This is birthday week at the Bayer househould. On Tuesday Jordan turns 13 and on Thursday Cameron turns 9. I can not beleive it. 13? 9? Are you kidding me?
Beautiful Jordan. When your dad placed you in my arms 13 years ago it was surreal. It was the day before Fathers Day and you were the big story. The T.V. news people followed us around at the airport and then the next day before we went to church there they were. Here you were home less than 24 hours and you sat there in all your ruffles just smiling at everyone and looking around like "whats the big deal?" It was at that moment I realized just how special you were. And I was right. You are beautiful, kind, humble and so smart. You are a faithful servant to our Lord and you have lifted me up with scripture when I have been down. I love you so much. I think about your birthmother. I know it is hard for her. I hope somehow, someway she knows how very much you are loved. made. You are a dream come true and I thank God every day for you.
Cutie Cameron. What can I say about a girl who when asked if she could change anything about herself she said " NOTHING!" I'll tell you what I can say, You are so awesome! Don't you ever change. You came off the plane with attitude and you still have it! You make me laugh and you make life interesting. What a precious gift you are. I think about the miraclous way God brought you into our lives and to this day it still makes my heart leap and puts a smile on my face. It reminds me that when God has a plan for your life and you let Him do what He needs to do He will suprise you with the most precious gift. YOU! I love you Cami and I know your birthmother will be remembering you also. I hope somehow she knows how very much we love you.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Korean angels.

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