Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Unplanned

I haven't posted in a while. There are times in your life when things you planned on, counted on don't happen and things you didn't plan on take over your life. Those things can consume every breath you take, every moment your awake, and every thought you have. That sucks.
Then one day you wake up and realize those things you didn't plan on have consumed your life. Now you make a choice, do I let this stuff continue to run my life? Or do I take a step forward, a step of faith and heal?
Of course I am going to take a step of faith. After all I do have God in my corner! I can't make or decide for anyone else.
God. I love Him. When the people you thought you could trust betray you, accuse you falsely and try to justify their pitiful choices by blaming you...well for those of us who know God, we don't have to worry about it. He is a just God and He will take care of those who attempt to harm us.
On a more positive note our beautiful daughter Jordan received her official acceptance letter to Oklahoma University yesterday! We are so proud of her. She worked so hard for this. Go Sooners!
And God blessed me with an amazing job! So in the midst of the unplanned chaos some have chosen to cast on our family God has been working behind the scenes. And His work trumps  the unplanned stuff in our lives.

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