Friday, July 13, 2012

Positive Busyness

This week we celebrated my oldest sons birthday. His is the last birthday for a while. It is now time for the "birthday break." We don't have another birthday until September. I am big into birthdays because it is the day God chose to place you on earth.
Our youngest grandson celebrating his 1st birthday!

Celebrating the 4th with family and friends

Then we attended Vietnam Weekend

My oldest daughter just came home from a mission trip to Colorado Springs.
 Yeah they were that close to the fires!

Now we prepare for our two oldest daughters to leave for church camp. When they get back we will go to Dallas to meet friends and have some. After we arrive home we will send our baby girl to our churches Kids Day Camp. A couple of weeks later off to Oregon for my husbands highs school reunion. I have no idea what year it is all I know is he is younger than me. When we get home it will be time to get ready for school. I look at this schedule and to be honest my first thought is "we must be nuts!" But then I realize how blessed we are to have these opportunities. We have a lot of down time also and that is a good thing also. My husband works two jobs and overtime so we are able to do these things. Busyness with no positive results is not a good thing but busyness that produces love, laughter and memories is a very good thing! Here's to positive busyness!

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