Monday, May 14, 2012

Being A Mom

I had a great Mothers Day! I was blessed to spend time with all my children and grandchildren. It is a feat to get them all together! We spent Saturday at my oldest grandsons soccer game. Then we celebrated our youngest sons birthday for the first time in four years! Being a Marine does that sometimes. 
From my son's all the way back to the lady in white is Jaylon's fan club!

My awesome grandson :)
He blew out 23 candles in one breath! Even though some kept relighting because mom  put trick candles in there. Bwhaaaa!

                                                                                            My Mom!

After church Sunday my husband made a great lunch. It was such a perfect day.  I couldn't help but think of what my mom would of thought of this crew! She died while I was pregnant with Dustin. I wish my kids and grand kids could have known her. My oldest son did and they adored each other. 
I thought about the moms who have lost a child. 
I thought about our three birth mother's who made a adoption plan for their babies and because of that unselfish choice blessed us with three amazing daughters.
I thought of the young people who have stayed at our house because they didn't have a place to live, things were not so great at home, or they just hung out for the heck of it!

I think of my kids in Ethiopia who depend on the generosity of others to have hope and a future. And all of this made me realize being a mom isn't always about you and your kids. It is also about you and how you take care of the kids God puts in your path. It may be a child who just needs a hug, a teenager who is having a tough time at home and needs someone to listen to them, a homeless young adult who needs a meal or orphans who need you to be their voice. You don't have to give birth or adopt to have children. All you is heart full of love.
God has blessed me and I am so grateful for this precious gift of being a mom! Happy Mothers Day to moms everywhere!
If you have a mom, there is nowhere you are likely to go where a prayer has not already been
. ~Robert Brault,

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