Sunday, February 19, 2012

17 Years Ago Today

17 years ago today my daughter Jordan was born. I was sitting in Broken Arrow, Ok getting more impatient each day as the adoption process seemed to go on and on. And as I sat waiting thinking only about myself and when would my baby girl come home a young woman in S. Korea was making a heart wrenching decision.  She chose to make an adoption plan for her precious little one. And 3months and 28 days later I was holding my baby girl in my arms.
If I could meet Jordan’s birthmother I would tell her thank you. I would hug her and touch her face and let her know that she is never far from our thoughts or hearts. I would look at her and see if Jordan looked like her. I would want to ask her so many questions! Are you quiet and shy? Jordan is. Are you and old soul? Jordan is. Do you have a great sense of humor that comes out of nowhere? Jordan does. Do you love ice cream? Jordan does!
I would tell how smart and how beautiful Jordan is, inside and out. That she loves Jesus with all her heart and she loves going on mission trips and helping those that God has asked us to help. I would tell her that this daughter that she gave life to has been pure joy to our family and is loved very much.
Today Jordan a little girl, who came into my life at the tender age of 3 months and 28 days, turns 17. I am so blessed that God chose me to be her Oma.
Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! You are loved!
Jordan with her foster mother

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