Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Good Husband

I rarely say anything about my husband on my blog. It's not that I don't have anything to say about him! He is just a modest guy and I respect that. But I feel like sharing a little bit about him.
Mike is a pretty amazing guy. He has a servants heart which can be his downfall. See, he works nights and then a couple of days a week he works a second job during the day, coaches our youngest daughter in soccer and helps coach one of our grandsons in t-ball. He is also the Awana Commander at our church. Yet when someone ask him to do something rarely does he say no. I have seen him go without sleep for over 48 hours because of work and still go help someone.
The first few years we were married I always wished he was more romantic, spend more time with me or pay more attention to me. As the years go by I began to see that those things although very nice are nothing compared to what he does for our family. He works hard, he is a great mechanic so he can fix all of our cars, he does all the remodeling on and in our house, he protects us, he loves me, his kids and grandkids with every fiber of his body. And once in a while he will surprise me like he did this past Mothers Day with Josh Grobin tickets! He supports my passion for adoption and the orphans. He is a Godly man, father, husband, son, grandfather and friend.
When we first met many friends and co-workers said we would not make it a year. I wasn't a christian and Mike who was a christian hadn't attended church since he was a little boy. We loved to party and go dancing. But as our family grew we changed. Not only as individuals but as a couple. I became a christian and started going to church and Mike soon followed. As we our walk with God grew stronger so did our marriage.
I have to admit one of my favorite moments came about six years ago when we were at church and one of the people who was so sure we wouldn't make it a year was visiting and saw us. The look on her face was priceless! The human in me wanted to go "na,na,na!" Instead I thanked God for what He has done in our lives.
God has blessed me with a good husband and I am very grateful. Besides that I think he is cute! :)

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