Monday, October 25, 2010

Forgivness & Ethiopia

I made it back and I thank God for watching over everyone that traveled. We were blessed on this trip and had no major ilnesses. Before I left for Ethiopia not only were my motives for going to Ethiopia attacked but who I am and why I blog was attacked. Since they were so bold to be so "blunt" as they put it with me I was "blunt" with also. As usual those who can dish it out can't take it. They are always going to be right and you are wrong.  I was shocked and hurt but after seeking wise council and much prayer I realized that I  had to let it go and forgive. If they choose to hate me for what I do that is their problem not mine and I will not allow their hate to stop me from doing what God has called me to do. My point? When God has called you to do something people for whatever reason are going to attack you so don't let them have the pleasure of seeing you stumble in your walk or you will miss out on an amazing blessings!
Ethiopia was amazing! The country and it's people will tug at every emotion you have
  • Sad for the extreme poverty.
  • Anger that for the most part women and young girls are not valued at all
  • Joy that they are beautiful people and that they are proud and that they love.
  • Happinesss that they smile through their hardships.
  • Mad that you can't do more
  • Hopeful that you because you serve a Big God that He will give you a way to make a difference.
I went there hoping to make a difference and I hope we did. But this experience made a difference in me. How humbling when you hand a child a brand new sharpened pencil and they hand it back because they already have one... a very short, stubby one but in their world they have one and their need is met for the moment. Or you give a young girl a plate of food and you see her put her 3 year old sister on her lap and give her the first bite. You give a mother on the street some food and the eyes of her 3 year old son that she carries on her back lights up and he motions you to them and thanks you with a kiss on the cheek. And as they take the food and run to the corner and sit down and eat you realize that you will never be the same.
I will be sharing stories like this for the next few to bring awareness to these children and how you can help.
I took like a thousand pictures and of course I am going to share my favorites!

I want to thank family and friends who support what God has called me to do. Your love, prayers and support mean everything to me.

Giving Adanech founder of the school a laptop donated by my friends Todd and Dayna! She was so happy.

My sisters sponsor child next to me and my sponsor child is on the left. Her sister is on the right.

Attempting to teach english.

This little girl has lost both of her parents to aids. She lives with her grandmother.

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Psalm139verse14 said...

Beautiful Elaine! Oh how I want to go too someday!! Keep up the good work girl.